Android Q and big changes to storing games

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    Hi people,

    **this change will be present in android 10 (Q), however is disabled by default. Since android 11 will be reality and we must adopt to this time**

    I like to write this topic, because google brings very critical change to storage management. Applications will lost access to files located on internal storage. The only visible folder will be “Downloads”, we must move folder with games here. Google calls it “Scoped directory” and it’s not all.

    In Scoped directory are blocked all standard (and very fast) file operations which dosbox uses, instead, google provides own – a very slow solution. This solution now works for games located on sdcard, so you can compare performance of both locations. Just now it affects all modify operations like write file, delete file, move or rename file. Reading was not affected, just now I don’t know in which stage is reading on q, will update this post if I will have more information.

    Performance degradation is drastically reduced, loading times are increased and vary per game. For example, Realms of Arkania 3 starts 50 seconds instead 33 seconds (without skipping intros). Saving games is longer, if game needs perform file write/delete/move/rename then whole emulator feels it.

    Google offers “Private folder” like a solution, this folder is not restricted (yet). Unfortunately, its whole content is deleted during application uninstallation/reinstallation. It means, data must be somehow backuped over time if we wont lost game progress.

    Read :
    Scoped Directory docs

    Android Q Storage Access Framework Scoped Storage on Xda

    Al ex
    Al ex

    Google heading down the Apple road…

    One obvious solution of course: NEVER uninstall Magic Dosbox again.😇 But why on earth do they have to plague is with this bs? 😤

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